The Enjoyable Holidays


“The Enjoyable Holidays” is an English Reader particularly designed to help pupils learn the usage of basic vocabulary and thereby make a breakthrough in reading during the formative years of their education.

In this part which is written primarily for children between the ages of five and eight, a story has been constructed in such a manner, that it includes basic vocabulary which a child requires.

New words have been gradually introduced to facilitate the learning and understanding process.

Accordingly, words dealing with the home, vehicles, road safety, shops, the seaside, the zoo, and the farm have been thoughtfully used.

This hopefully will dispense with the need for using a book primarily written by western authors with western ideologies and books that are full of pictures of animal objects.

While preparing this series, a variety of Readers like ladybird series, The Radiant way, wide range Readers, Rashid English Readers, New way Readers, Gaba Readers, Beacon Readers, Sunbeam’s Radiant Reading, Eeman Readers and Dreamland books amongst others have been perused to maintain the style and language according to contemporary school Readers.

It is a well-illustrated, lucid, and thoughtfully written book that will hopefully enable pupils to learn and understand the creative use of the English language while exposing them to a wide variety of experiences.




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